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Notice: Please add your notice here e.g: 20% off all items


PRINQUE BEAUTY offer two types of consultation:

1# An over the phone consultation. You will need to contact your local specialist by emailing or texting to discuss your hair application options, your specialist will always advice your according to your own reasons for wanting extensions, the best quality hair match and what application and hair is within your desired budget. You will be asked to text, or email photos of your hair taken outside in day light.

2# A Face to face consultation in a place of convenience, at this consultation you will get the opportunity to look at different types of hair, decide on your own colour match plus your specialist will be able to check your hair and advice on what methods is best suited to your hair.

The application will depend on the look you are going for and consequently how many extensions it will take to achieve that look. On average a thickening process could take 1-2hrs and a lengthening process 1-3hrs. We will fully advise you of timings and costs
when you have your initial consultation.

Provided you choose a style and colour that matches your own hair, the extensions will look totally natural and no one need ever know except you and perhaps that special someone who is allowed to run their hands through your hair. On the other hand, if you’re going for an obviously fun, funky look for a party or for just to enjoy a different buzz, then of course people will be able to tell – but only because you want them to.

This is a commonly asked question. When extensions are applied properly there is virtually no reason why they would damage your hair, and to this end thousands of women have used extensions to grow their own hair to a desired length with no adverse
effects whatsoever. However, that is not to say everybody’s hair is suitable for extensions. At PRINQUE BEAUTY we take the safety of your hair very seriously and take every reasonable precaution to ascertain the suitability of your hair before commencing with the extensions.

This includes a free consultation and free hair care information. Everybody experiences normal hair shedding, don’t worry, this is entirely natural. You will notice on your hairbrush, whether you wear extensions or not, that you shed between 70 to 100 hairs a day – adding up to around 3,000 hairs a month or 36,000 a year. It seems a lot but on average we have at least 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on our heads alone, so this rate of growth and renewal is entirely normal.

You can shower, swim and go out in the wind and rain without having to worry. Our hair extensions perform as well on the sports field. They are so well connected to your own natural hair so will not slid out. When blow-drying and straightening your hair do not put heat at the tips as they have keratin or pre-bonded glue that will melt.

No, Not expensive but yes to special shampoos and conditioners. PRINQUE BEAUTY recommend that all clients use low in sodium (sulphate) and low citric acid products on their hair as products high in both can strip away natural oils in the hair. We also
recommend that you only use small amounts of conditioner on the root/bonds as this can soften the bonds and course them to fall out.

You should also avoid oil-based conditioners and all silicone products, as they may cause the hair to slip.

Yes, you can use all of the above, we only use real human hair however try to avoid putting direct head on to hair bonds.

If your hair is at least 3-5 inches long, you can get extensions, however, what you won’t get is a one length look, your hair will have to be layered throughout into a shag cut. Short hair appointments take longer and so may cost a little more for the extra hair
needed and extra time taken to apply. The best methods for short hair are fusion bond and beaded weft tracks.

It’s different for everyone but averages 3-5 months with regular maintenance visits every 6-8weeks

There is no need if they are properly applied and removed, so your own hair remains undamaged. Most people prefer to have their extensions removed and replaced on the same day, so their hair continues looking as good as ever.

Currently PRINQUE BEAUTY take card payments, PayPal and bank transfer.